The Farm

Cowell Seafood Producers, based in Cowell on the Eyre Peninsula, is a premier seafood company operating from the pristine waters of Franklin Harbour bay. Led by Carl Jaeschke and his dedicated crew, the company is renowned for its commitment to sustainable farming practices and high-quality Pacific oysters. With a focus on excellence and local expertise, Cowell Seafood Producers continues to be a trusted name in the industry, providing fresh, delicious seafood to markets near and far.

Cowell Food Farm Oyster Lease Franklin Harbour Eyre Peninsula South Australia

Head Grower

Carl Jaeschke, an innovative oyster farmer in Cowell, South Australia, is renowned for his sustainable farming practices and impactful community leadership.

The Team

Carl Jaeschke leads a dedicated team including Greg, Steve, Robert (finance), Andrew, and Will, each contributing their expertise to the success of their oyster farming operations.

Franklin Harbour

Franklin Harbour is located on the eastern side of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, approximately halfway between Whyalla and Port Lincoln.


Pacific oysters, also known as Crassostrea gigas, are a species of oysters widely cultivated for their flavour, quality and adaptability to various marine environments.

How Its Done

At Cowell Seafood Producers, the journey begins with the finest 6 to 8mm spat from trusted local hatcheries. The initial process involves carefully grading and thinning the oysters 4 to 6 times, ensuring each one has the space to grow. The magic happens as the oysters rotate through three distinct lease areas, allowing a consistent, premium product throughout the year. With an average grow-out time of 20 months from seed to sale, the oysters are nurtured with patience and precision using an adjustable longline (BST) system. This innovative method allows the efficient management of stock, ensuring the health and vitality of every oyster. The result is a superior product that embodies the pristine waters and natural beauty of Cowell, South Australia. Franklin Harbour Pacific Oysters stands out as the premier choice for discerning seafood lovers, offering an exquisite and unforgettable taste experience.

The Franklin Harbour Difference

Farming oysters in Franklin Harbour, situated on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. The nutrient-rich environment nurtures these marine delicacies, resulting in flavourful oysters known for their plumpness and distinct briny taste. Franklin Harbour’s aquaculture industry emphasises sustainable practices, ensuring both environmental preservation and high-quality yields. This commitment to responsible farming not only safeguards the delicate ecosystem but also contributes to the region’s reputation as a premier destination for oyster enthusiasts.

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